ICDM formations internationales buildings Tianjin China- Institut pour la Conquête des Marchés

ICDM provides training seminars for executives to support international development.

– International development directors
– Export managers
– Area managers
– International marketing managers
– International marketing managers

ICDM seminars are held in Paris.

ICDM seminars cover the field of international operations management and international development.



International Operations Management

  • Teams management in intercultural environment
  • Develop multi-country strategic plans
  • Develop agility in a multi-market configuration
  • Managing digital transformation in international organizations
  • Managing International Projects
  • Conduct relationships with partners in Joint Ventures
  • Mastering international acquisitions
  • Managing cross borders distribution networks
  • Operating a business in a world of compliance

International Development

  • Market entry of complex markets (United States, Iran, China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia, Central Asia, Brazil, Germany, Algeria, ASEAN)
  • Digital in international operations
  • Digital Marketing Techniques of Programmatic for International business
  • Enter the world of the web markets in China, United States, India, Russia, …
  • Develop international leadership
  • Economic intelligence for the conquest of new markets
  • Financial instruments serving acquisitions