The ICDM – Institut pour la Conquête des Marchés
sets up, animates and manages top of the range business circles
and selective training sessions dedicated to international developpement
and operations management.

Experiences’ sharing

Experts’ analysis

Strategic intelligence

Operational purpose


The ICDM gathers CEOs, directors and managers of companies based worldwide.
It aims to provide very qualified information on country risk and business environment.
ICDM Cercles de dirigeants- Institut pour la Conquête des Marchés

The ICDM animates business Circles between executives of major groups and mid-caps companies in Paris, Lyon and Lille.

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ICDM formations internationales buildings Tianjin China- Institut pour la Conquête des Marchés

The ICDM supports the international development of the companies with training sessions dedicated to executives or senior managers.

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ICDM syntheses risque pays carte afrique NIger

The ICDM distributes top level strategic studies about country risk and business environment, produced by ADIT Group, French company based in Paris. ADIT Group is the European leader in business intelligence and belongs both to the French State and Weinberg Capital Investment Fund.

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